5 Steps To Manifesting Anything You Want By Using Your Body’s Natural Energy

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READ THIS FIRST: This short guide is meant to serve as an introduction, and summarize something that is actually incredibly deep and complex. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the concepts below, or you simply have more questions after reading and want to learn more, then it’s best to START HERE.

Be careful! Messing with the natural flow of your body’s energies without knowing what you’re doing can cause you great psychological and physical harm. With great power comes great responsibility, so consider yourself warned. Even so, we’ll do our best to keep everything as simple and straightforward as possible.

Has there been something that’s been holding you back for as long as you can remember, but every time you take action to fix the problem, you find yourself sliding back into the same old patterns?

Is there something you want in life, but don’t know where to begin, or can’t force yourself to get motivated and take action?

Well, if you learn how to harness your body’s natural energy, you can easily…

- Get the confidence to start your own business or talk to that person you’ve been crushing on…
- Spice up your love life…
- Become more balanced and productive at work or school…
- Get ideas and inspiration for your artistic endeavors…

…or practically anything else you can think of.

blog2“Your body’s natural energies are more powerful than you think.”

And not only are all of these things possible, they can actually be obtained with very minimal effort. To be specific: in about 15 - 20 minutes a day. In fact, even a minute or two can cause a drastic change, if applied at the right time.

So, what’s the secret?


That’s right. The secret to getting anything you want is in something a lot of people consider complete nonsense. But there is real science behind the superstitions. Real evidence for those who know where to look.

All you have to do is meditate on the Chakras.

It’s figuring out which Chakra Point you need to meditate on that’s actually tricky. All the Chakra points are interrelated and affect each other. Meditating on one at the expense of others can throw you completely out of balance.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend downloading my Chakra Wall Chart and Balance Building Cheat Sheets. They’ll help you identify areas where you’re out of balance. You can get them for free here.

The truth is, a lot of people spend their entire lives chasing after the things they want, and never actually get them. And the reason for that is simply because most people find it difficult to get past their own inherent limiting belief structures. But opening your mind to new possibilities is the only way to get everything you’ve ever wanted, because it’s the only way to change your habitual behavior.

The process to change everything effortlessly can be boiled down to 5 simple steps.

STEP 1: Learn The Chakras

The 7 Chakras are thought of as hubs of swirling energy inside of your body. This is the most basic of all concepts, and it’s probably the one thing most people find hardest to believe. But science has shown us that this is not to be taken literally.

Even though the vagus nerve connects all of these points, and energy in the form of electricity travels through the vagus nerve, there are no “swirling orbs” inside of us, other than the ones we imagine during meditation. But through meditation and visualization, we can stimulate the vagus nerve, creating a physical change in the body, and activating our innate potential for psychological change. This, in turn, affects our behavior, and changes our daily habits without conscious effort.

vagus-nerve-blog"The Vagus Nerve connects all 7 chakra points together"

Each Chakra corresponds with a different physical area of the body and psychological state. It is important to know how these are related.

For more advanced meditative practices, frequencies of color and sound are used. Some experts even associate femininity or masculinity to the chakras, or different signs of the Zodiac. These aren’t necessary, but for some, it assists them in the practice, and helps them achieve greater results faster.

For now, just focus on the basics.

The 7 Chakras:

Chakra Point 1: ROOT
Physical Location: Base of the spine
Psychological association: Stability, Security, Feeling Grounded

Chakra Point 2: SACRAL
Physical Location: Just below the belly button
Psychological association: Intimacy, Passion, Sexuality

Chakra Point 3: SOLAR PLEXUS
Physical Location: The solar plexus
Psychological association: Self-control, Self-esteem, Confidence

Chakra Point 4: HEART
Physical Location: In the chest
Psychological association: Compassion, Empathy, Love

Chakra Point 5: THROAT
Physical Location: The throat
Psychological association: Self Expression, Truth

Chakra Point 6: 3rd EYE
Physical Location: Right in the middle of your forehead
Psychological association: Insight and Intuition

Chakra Point 7: CROWN
Physical Location: At the very top of your head
Psychological association: Wisdom, One-ness, Connection to All Things


Notice how a lot of the names of the Chakras correspond to their physical location? That should make it easier to memorize them.

But don’t feel like you HAVE to memorize them, and get stressed out and start making flash cards just yet. You’ll learn more by doing than by studying. For now, feel free to use the free copy of our chakra map to print and hang up on your wall.

Either way, the next steps in the process will help you memorize at least ONE chakra point easily, guaranteed.

STEP 2: Identify the area of your life you want to improve

Some of you reading this right now might know immediately what you want to work on, because it bothers you constantly, and is something you’ve been struggling with for a long time. For others, it’s not so easy.

If you’re having trouble finding a place to start, try getting a piece of paper and a pen, or opening up a word processor. Simply write down all of the things that are making you worried. When you feel like you can’t write anymore, look back on what you’ve written and look for patterns.

If you don’t feel like writing, try recording your voice.

If that makes you feel uncomfortable, ask a friend or therapist for patterns that they see.

blog6“It’s can often be hard for us to see our own problems
when we’re in the middle of them.”

If you do ask others for advice, remember to take what they say with a grain of salt. Try not to think of them as pointing out your flaws, but rather helping you move in a better direction with your life, and get where you want to go.

If all else fails, download my Balance Building Cheat Sheets. The questions in them will help you find the best place to start.

When you have identified the area in your life that you want to improve, move on to step 3.

STEP 3: Find the chakra associated with your problem

Assuming you’ve completed the previous steps, this part should be easy. Simply match up your problem with the chakra that corresponds to it.

Are you struggling with an addiction? That corresponds with self-control, which is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Want to be more productive? That has to do with stability and security. Focus on the root chakra in order to feel grounded before you start working.

Want to add more romance and passion into your marriage? Try the Sacral Chakra.

If the problem you’re struggling with doesn’t lie within a clear boundary, it might relate to more than one chakra. In the above example, the Sacral Chakra might not be the best bet for restoring romance and passion into a loveless marriage. The problem might actually have to do with the Heart Chakra.

blog8“All of our problems have their roots in the energies of the body and mind.”

Unfortunately, there are as many and complex examples as there are problems in the world, so you’re going to have to use your intuition on this one. If your intuition isn’t helping, then you’ll might want to start there, with the 3rd Eye Chakra.

As complex as some problems can be, the process for solving them is almost always the same, simple solution. We have to sit down and meditate!

STEP 4: Sit and Meditate

All this planning won’t amount to anything if you don’t actually take action. Even a minute is better than nothing.

The process of meditation is simple. Find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. If it helps you relax, put on some soft, calming music. Sit down and get comfortable. You don’t have to sit in any particular way. You can use a chair, or sit in lotus position, or in any number of other positions. Just try to make sure you’re in a position that won’t cause you to fall asleep.

Close your eyes, and relax. Try to focus on your breath. After a moment, your breathing should slow down, and you’ll enter into a natural, relaxed state. Your mind will probably start to wander. This is normal.

blogg10“Relaxation is the often overlooked key to true focus.”

When you notice you are relaxed, begin to imagine a swirling orb of energy that heals you in the entire area of the chakra point. It may seem paradoxical, but try to imagine that the energy flows around the orb in every direction simultaneously, so that the pattern of movement is even and uniform. Imagine that it physically heals you.

As you imagine this healing energy swirling around the area of your chakra point, meditate on the quality that the chakra represents, and imagine that the energy is imbued with that quality.

For example, if you are meditating upon the crown chakra, focus on how the energy at the top of your head connects you to the infinite nature and wisdom of the entire universe, and that everything is one. Imagine that your skin, and the air touching your skin, and everything else that the air touches, are actually the same thing, and that this energy naturally reminds you of this fact.

Or, as another example, if you are meditating on the Throat Chakra, imagine that the energy swirling around in your vocal chords imbues them with the quality of truth. Imagine that as the energy swirls around, it heals your throat and makes you stop telling lies. That it makes it easier to express yourself honestly.

Sometimes, meditation will bring up painful past trauma as it heals very old, very deep psychological wounds. This is normal, so don’t get frustrated and quit! Take baby steps. No one meditates “perfectly”. Simply allow the process to unfold, observe it, and if you can… enjoy yourself. When you notice that your mind has wandered, simply bring your attention back to what you were doing before it happened.

STEP 5: Set Up a Routine

Habits can be hard, but unless you make a habit out of this practice, you’ll really get nothing out of it long term. But there are a couple of techniques that you can use to make it easier.

At the end of every day, try to schedule in time for your meditation session for the next day. If possible, do it as soon as you wake up, and right before you go to bed. Science has shown that actively scheduling something increases the likelihood we will actually do it.

Also, tell your friends about your plans. Most likely, they’ll support you, and you can even ask them to call you on it when you procrastinate or skip a day. The added social pressure will make you likely to follow through with the practice.

friends“Getting a friend to go with you on your meditation journey can be a big help.”

There are even apps out there that can help you, like Beeminder, which allows you to upload your credit card information. If you don’t do the action you promise to follow through with in the app, it will charge you real life money.

Finally, you can use the old fashion reward system. Every time you meditate, treat yourself to something you enjoy afterwards. Before long, you’ll begin to associate the two, and you’ll be meditating more often.

Whatever you do, know that a lot of the time it will feel like going through the motions. Eventually, you’ll feel a building momentum of sorts.

As you continue meditating over time, you’ll notice that the problems in your life that you started out trying to solve… will cease to be problems at all. Usually, they’ll slowly start to fade away without your knowledge awareness. This is because you’re changing the cause of all your problems: your own mind.

And as you change your mind, your behavior will change, and certain actions you take from your new mindset will reinforce your new behaviors even more.

frew“Never underestimate the power of frequency.”

Believe it or not, it really is that simple to get anything you want in life.


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