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How To Manifest Your Soulmate In 4 Powerful Steps By Using Your Body’s Natural Energy 

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Posted By BenArion

READ THIS FIRST: This is meant to serve as an introduction, and summarize something that is actually incredibly deep and complex. If you have more questions after reading this, and you want to learn more, then START HERE. Be careful! Messing with the natural flow of your body’s energies without knowing what you’re doing can cause you great psychological and physical harm. With great power comes great responsibility, so consider yourself warned.


Your soul is the part of you that is unique to yourself beyond all physical aspects. It is the spiritual truth of yourself.

Your soul, though similar to many others, has several qualities that are unique only to you. These qualities feel like distinct colors, flavors, or sounds. But that description doesn’t quite portray the subtlety of the unique differences we have.

For example, chocolate and strawberries are both sweet. But their flavors are distinct, and to call them sweet is not the same as experiencing the taste directly.

And like a soulmate, chocolate and strawberries enhance each other. A chocolate covered strawberry is more satisfying than eating a strawberry or a piece of chocolate alone.

strawberry-choco“I think they taste better, anyway.”

Many spiritual people call these qualities “vibrations”, or “frequencies”. We use the words “vibrations” and “frequencies” for a number of reasons, notwithstanding the fact that the entire universe is made up of them according to proven science.

Just look at our language. Have you ever heard someone say something like “we were on the same wavelength” to describe how well they were getting along? Have you ever heard someone describe a relationship as “harmonious”? How about describing two people as being “in-sync”, or a single person as being “in tune” with who they really are?

Like music, When two souls “vibrate” they can operate in either dissonance, or harmony. They always create a song… but that song is not always better than the sound of a note played alone.

A “soulmate” is another soul that exists in a harmonious relationship with your own. Together, they enhance each other. They compliment each other. And appreciating one means appreciating the other. But, let me ask you this…

Step 1: Have you ever seen a beautiful sunset beg to be appreciated?

sunset“Please, Please LOVE ME!”

Of course you haven’t. Not only are sunsets unable to talk, but beautiful things simply don’t beg for affection. They get it without trying.

And I’m not just talking about physical beauty, either. That’s a surface level understanding. The truth is deeper than that. If you are willing to show people, they can see your inner beauty. But it takes courage, and it takes a much more strength to be vulnerable than it does to close yourself off and be aloof.

Far too many single people have difficulty finding love.

They grasp and claw at love, and cling to with it with white knuckles and clenched teeth. A hole in their hearts and souls fills them with longing. They desperately wish to fill that void, and they think if they can find someone to be with, all of their problems will disappear. They hope that the crushing weight of despair they feel when they are alone in the dark, lying in bed, and trying to fall asleep will no longer plague them. They’ll have someone to save them from themselves.

alone“This is, of course, why they fail.”

Love can not be taken. Love can not be conquered. Love is a feather in the wind. The faster you move your hands toward it, the faster the air will move it, and you’ll find it evades your grasp. It is only when you move slowly, delicately, and with great care that you can catch a feather. This is how you catch love.

The secret to finding love is in letting it find you. The secret to looking for love is in not in looking outward, but in looking inward. We must not seek others, we must seek ourselves. We must become more beautiful. We must become like that sunset. We must become a force of nature.

Step 2: Do you love yourself?

Are you happy? Are you living the life you want to live? Are you honest with the people around you? Or is there something missing in your life?

When you become the right person, then at some point, the right person will show up in your life. It is inevitable. Stop believing the stories that you tell yourself. You know the ones. The ones where you aren’t good enough. Where you have to lie and be someone you’re not to impress others. Where you’re a screw-up.

You aren’t a screw-up. You aren’t the negative story you’re telling. You’re the author of the story, and you can rewrite it at any time.

You are a beautiful, unique soul. You have power, and confidence, and a natural radiant magnetic quality that is impossible to describe in words.

You have your very own vibration, and you have the courage to be yourself. You feel a deep, divine connection to everything around you. You are worthy. You are valuable.

eye“Even if you don’t know it.”

But you have to believe it. You have to transform yourself if you don’t.

But THAT’S the EASY part. All you have to do is meditate on the Chakras.

It’s figuring out which Chakra Point you need to meditate on that’s actually tricky. All the Chakra points are interrelated and affect each other. Meditating on one at the expense of others can throw you completely out of balance.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend downloading my Chakra Wall Chart and Balance Building Cheat Sheets. They’ll help you identify areas where you’re out of balance. You can get them for free here.

Step 3: How Each Chakra Relates to Finding Your Soulmate

Chakra Point 1: ROOT
Physical Location: Base of the spine

Meditating on the Root Chakra is great for keeping your expectations grounded.  Often, when we’re looking for love, we tend to forget that what we want isn’t always what we need.  We get impatient. We want everything to happen quickly.  But we forget that the journey is more fun than the destination.

Chakra Point 2: SACRAL
Physical Location: Just below the belly button

Meditation on the Sacral Chakra has obvious benefits. If it’s passion and sexuality that you find lacking, increasing your focus in this area will bring it back to life. Just don’t overdo it. That can lead to rushing things, and desperation.

Chakra Point 3: SOLAR PLEXUS
Physical Location: The solar plexus

The Solar Plexus Chakra is very important. If we don’t love our selves, then we will find it impossible to love others. Meditation on this Chakra will improve your Self-esteem and confidence. Be wary of excess, though. There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. When it comes to love, true strength lies in the courage to be vulnerable.

Chakra Point 4: HEART
Physical Location: In the chest

The Heart Chakra is arguably the most important of all Chakras in its relation to love. It is the seat of all our compassion, empathy, and love in the first place. But be warned: the strength of empathy from the Heart can be so strong it can also put us into relationships that are harmful to us.

Chakra Point 5: THROAT
Physical Location: The throat

The Throat Chakra is vitally important in love, because it is through our words and actions that we communicate our qualities to others. Since the Throat Chakra relates to honesty, any deception we bring is harmful to potential relationships. It erodes trust, and it attracts people that are not in harmony with our true selves.

Chakra Point 6: 3rd EYE
Physical Location: Right in the middle of your forehead

We can all remember a time in our lives when we just weren’t able to pick up on the signals right in front of us. If you have a problem with the subtle cues of love, then meditation on the 3rd eye chakra will help hone your intuition and instincts. Overdoing it can lead to overthinking things, so don’t get trapped in your head!

Chakra Point 7: CROWN
Physical Location: At the very top of your head

Meditating on the Crown Chakra will help bring you wisdom, and help you see the truth behind the illusory nature of separateness. It will help you realize that when it comes to love, you are looking in a mirror. When you see your soulmate, they are merely your own reflection. If you don’t like what you see, you shouldn’t blame the mirror. You should change the appearance of the one looking in it.

Step 4: A Short Primer on How To Meditate

I speak on this in much greater detail in my video training series, but for now, this should help.

First, find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. If it helps you relax, put on some soft, calming music. Sit down and get comfortable. You don’t have to sit in any particular way. You can use a chair, or sit in lotus position, or even do yoga while you meditate. Just try to make sure you’re in a position that won’t cause you to fall asleep.

Close your eyes, and relax. Focus on your breath. After a moment, your breathing should slow down, and you’ll enter into a natural, relaxed state. Your mind will probably start to wander. This is normal.

“Relaxation is the often overlooked key to true focus.”

When you notice you are relaxed, begin to imagine a swirling orb of energy that heals you in the entire area of the chakra point. It may seem paradoxical, but try to imagine that the energy flows around the orb in every direction simultaneously, so that the pattern of movement is even and uniform. Imagine that it physically heals you.

As you imagine this healing energy swirling around the area of your chakra point, meditate on the quality that the chakra represents, and imagine that the energy is imbued with that quality.

For example, if you are meditating upon the crown chakra, focus on how the energy at the top of your head connects you to the infinite nature and wisdom of the entire universe, and that everything is one. Imagine that your skin, and the air touching your skin, and everything else that the air touches, are actually the same thing, and that this energy naturally reminds you of this fact.

Or, as another example, if you are meditating on the Throat Chakra, imagine that the energy swirling around in your vocal chords imbues them with the quality of truth and honesty. Imagine that as the energy swirls around, it heals your throat and makes you stop telling lies, especially to yourself.

focus“Remember: At some point, you will probably lose focus, and your thoughts will wander.”

Sometimes, meditation will bring up painful past trauma as it heals very old, very deep psychological wounds. This is normal, so don’t get frustrated and quit! Take baby steps. No one meditates “perfectly”. Simply allow the process to unfold, observe it, and if you can… enjoy yourself. When you notice that your mind has wandered, simply bring your attention back to what you were doing before it happened.

Over time, as you repeat this process, you will slowly start to see dramatic changes in your life. When you’re ready, your soulmate will appear as if drawn to you magnetically. All you will have to do is enjoy the process of appreciating each others’ unique vibrational qualities.

Thats it!

I hope the information in this post helps you on your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself you can possibly be, and I hope that when the time is right for you, your soulmate unexpectedly shows up and you both experience the beautiful and simple joy of being with another person who is perfect for you in every way. There really is no other feeling in live that feels quite like it.


The Simple Way To Get Anything You Want By Finding Imbalances in Your Body’s Natural Energy Field

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