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Video 4 of 4: Find Imbalances In Your 7 Chakras, And Use The Proven Science Of Neural Entrainment & Resonant Frequencies To Tune Your Chakras Into Perfect Balance Effortlessly... To Manifest The Life You Want

How can the human ear “hear” below 20 Hz? What does the ancient greek mathematician Pythagoras and musical scales have to do with Chakras and the Schumann Resonance, and how can we make meditation as easy as pressing play on our phone?

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YES! I Want To Balance My 7 Chakras Effortlessly...For a full 30 days FREE, and if I don't like it for any reason, I can get a full refund... no questions asked!
What Is The Chakra Healing System? +

boxThe Chakra Healing System is a series of binaural audio files that you listen to with headphones in.

These audio files utilize the scientific principles of neural entrainment and resonant frequencies to help you effortlessly fall into a state of relaxed meditation, with absolutely no mental effort.

These audio files are used in conjunction with the Balance Building Cheat Sheets in order to find the areas of your life where you’re out of balance, and then course correct those areas and bring them back into balance. Then, the Chakra Healing System helps you STAY balanced afterwards.

Each of the 7 chakras has it’s own resonant frequency. So, naturally, I’ve included an audio file for each chakra.

The Root Remedy, at 456 Hz, will help you feel more stable and secure when you feel like you’re anything but.

The Sensuality Serum, at 606Hz, will kick your Sacral Chakra into overdrive and can help you bring intimacy and passion back into your life and your relationship.

The Confidence Cure-All, at 364Hz, will return your Self-Esteem and Self-Control by balancing your Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Heart Healing, at 256 Hz, will make you feel compassion and love for other people again, and help repair old wounds.

The Throat Lozenge, at 384 Hz, amplifies your artistic voice, and fill it with powerful truth, and magnetic self-expression.

The 3rd Eye Drop, at 288 Hz, will help you trust your own insight and intuition again by clearing out your 3rd Eye Chakra.

And at 432 Hz, The Infinite Connection will activate your Crown Chakra, bring you balanced wisdom, and and a feeling of one-ness with the universe.

I have two other bonuses for those who purchase the full Chakra Healing System.

The first bonus is The Balance Beam… and it’s ESSENTIAL to achieving long term results and happiness.

It’s an audio files that goes through all of the Resonant Frequencies of each Chakra, from Root to Crown, in a span of 30 minutes. So after you’ve achieved your sense of balance, you can actually STAY that way…. Even if you miss a day.

So that’s the first bonus.

The second is Urgent Care.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of my life is that it can take you completely by surprise. No matter how much you’ve planned, or worked, or prayed, it can turn everything on its head, and it will, and it will do it without your permission, and there’s nothing you can do about it until after it happens to you.

Life can be very cruel to us, sometimes. And it’s these times in our lives that seem the most hectic, and that makes us the most frantic. But on the other side, suffering gives us grace.

It’s these times in our lives when we feel like we just want to give up, or give in, or go away. There’s barely any time to think about meditation.

But if things around you have gotten so bad that you don’t have time for 14 minutes of Urgent Care, then you probably need several hours of it instead.

YES! I Want To Balance My 7 Chakras Effortlessly...For a full 30 days FREE, and if I don't like it for any reason, I can get a full refund... no questions asked!

P.S. I'll also include a Secret Bonus. I’m only going to tell the people who actually purchase The Chakra Healing System about this... because it’s just that good!

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